Stars&Cows is an Innovative Ecosystem born from business knowledge corroborated by innovation and digital aptitude. Thanks its founders, a community of former Senior Managers from multinational corporations, Stars&Cows offers services to individuals and teams willing to create new businesses and to enter the market.

The mission is to accelerate talent in people and companies by democratizing business knowledge through professional services, collaborating with Enterprises, Institutions, People and Business Accelerators and Incubators. Stars&Cows’ Ecosystem includes a collaborative working space, offering open space desks solutions, offices and meeting rooms for startuppers, freelancers and enterprises. Becoming part of Stars&Cows’ environment is a real opportunity to build synergies, to identify partners, create a network and enter a community willing to transfer knowledge and give back. Stars&Cows strongly believes in cross-generational contamination and experienced based learning. The community is highly attractive for new digital businesses taking the advantage of best practices from different and consolidated sector offered by the Senior Community.

What can we offer to your startup?

Starting from best practices acquired in structured multinational company environments, S&C has designed a set of solutions enhancing start-up teams from creation to performance.

  • 1 | Mentoring and coaching

    Our Senior Community follow the Give-back principle: giving startupper and freelancer back their own experiences and knowledge and helping them to orientate themselves in the world of work thanks to 20 or more years of professional experience of which at least half gained in managerial or senior positions in medium-large companies.

  • 2 | Individual and team assessment

    The assessment is a personnel or team evaluation methodology to identify the set of behavioral characteristics, attitudes, abilities and skills of each resource or team with attitudinal and entrepreneurship tests.

  • 3 | Training on teamwork & team dynamics:

    One of the major causes why startups fail is a bad team. We train your team and help you analyze the correct dynamics.

  • 4 | Hackathon

    12/24 hour marathon during which participants, divided into team, identify innovative solutions to the company’s challenge. Hackathon is useful to find new talents, create employer branding opportunities for the company, approach the digital generation and to find innovative ideas.

  • 5 | Talent program

    Tailored company program to identify the best talent on the market in which every participant must work in a specific challenge.

  • 6 | Recruitment:

    Digital recruitment methods to find the perfect candidate.

  • 7 | Digital learning

    Digital contents for training in elearning mode. Easy, custom, always available from every device.